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Feel free to send in your financial support to us right here right now

We have a great MISSION here at Redemption House​:

To make Kingdom Disciples

that love God and others sincerely, and serve faithfully.

For our Redeeming Love Radio Broadcast, our mission is to

> Ignite Hope in the lives of listeners
> Ignite Revival Fire in communities

We encourage you to partner with us in making this a reality

How can you join forces with us?

  1. By praying for us and praying with us

  2. By sending your financial support to us right here right now

  3. By coming to any of our services or outreaches physically

  4. By committing to your local congregation if you have one

  5. By sending us words of encouragement. you can click here to do that now

Just in case you want to speak to someone to find out more, kindly call 347-570-0488,  or send an email to

You can also text PARTNER to 347-570-0488

Redemption House is a 501(c)3 Registered Not-for-Profit Organization. All donations made to Redemption House are tax-deductible.

SUNDAYS & Thursdays.
Watch Our Services Live from the links

Sundays 11am. THURSDAYS 7.30pm

from youTube or Facebook

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